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Online job postings account for less than 10% of job landings. You can click this short video where I discuss the approach that actually works. If you want to get started right away, click the free downloadable 3-Pack template below as well!  ​

My name is Iris Culp, and I’ve helped my clients land job offers at:

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Free Tools for Job Seekers.

LinkedIn & Resume Distinctions

Resume and LinkedIn Profile Differences & Similarities Guide.

Review 6 key distinctions and 4 “must have” similarities

LinkedIn Guide & 12 point Checklist

ke certain you have these basics covered to get into the All Star category, which helps elevate your profile. Without these 10 essentials, profiles get sorted to the bottom of the SEO results. This checklist is a great place to get started!​

Networking Template

Perfect for Introverts (hey, I am one) and also anyone who is not 100% certain how to get started with Virtual Networking.

Recruiter “Love & Hate” List 

Yes, recruiters are human. Get the list of their “loves” and “hates” in this summary. ​

Be the 1%

Avoid the mistake 99% of people make in writing their own resume. ​

Behavioral Interview Question list 

Download 12 common behavorial questions. Helps prepare you for an Individual Contributor role interview.

A Perfect Resume

Make sure your resume includes these 7 essentials for a Resume that gets people hired.​

What people are saying

There are plenty of coaches that tell you what you want you want to hear or talk down to you. You strive to break down the details and offer an opportunity to capitalize and often the AHA moment.

I believe you are the consummate professional and no fluff coach that's what I admire!

Louis Vigil

Sr. Operations Chevron

“The most effective aspects of all of the consulting services provided was the knowledge and expertise provided by my coach, Iris Culp.”

VP of Defense Aircraft & Engineering, Boeing

Iris has been wonderful coach, she worked closely with me through my career transition process, from setting expectations and guidance through the exploration process, optimizing my resume and LinkedIn profile, storytelling and elevator pitch, all the way to deep and thorough interview preparations.
I can’t thank Iris enough for her great guidance and definitely recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a good career coach.” 

 Rick De Marco Centeno

Business Strategy Director, Schlumberger

Navigating search “on your own” is often one of life’s most expensive mistakes. The “I’ll try it on my own” approach is costly:  lost salary, career advancement and your most valuable resource: TIME. A proven career coach helps cut typical job search time in half. 


Would you take the “I’ll try it myself” method to pour a concrete foundation on a custom home you building? Likely not.  Why try that approach with your next career move?  I’d suggest your next career move is worthy of investment. 


Iris Culp, M.Ed.  Leadership & Career Coach


I Help Professionals Get Found and Understood in Job Search 

So You Can Land that New Role!  

If you are a successful professional who is currently exploring new opportunities  I WANT TO HELP YOU land those interviews and ultimately nail the offer. 

Help your job search move forward and land in a targeted role, with a comprehensive search strategy.


The best part is these steps are immediately actionable.  You can get started on the roadmap to get found, understood and connected. It IS doable.

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