LinkedIn Strategy Session

This one-hour session requires you to have a LinkedIn profile.
Based on your career goals, you’ll receive suggestions and tips to help you enhance your profile.
The goal is to improve the quality of your LinkedIn profile, while leveraging the most key profile areas for maximum visibility.  
I walk through each section of your profile and provide customized recommendations, factoring in your desired target role. Or, if you are a business owner, your objective for enhancing B2B leverage. You’ll receive a follow up set of action steps, which will include several new features that LinkedIn has rolled out during the last 12 months. Ahead of the pack on these provides competitive advantage!
Following the call, you’ll receive a checklist follow up for your profile and a recording of the conversation.


What Customers Say

Chief Geek and Founder Design Your Site

Mary Putnam

“Iris is a breath of fresh air.  Her advice and enthusiasm in helping people organize their LinkedIn profile is valuable.  With an added bonus of handling that for you if time constraints are important.” ​


Deborah Jenkins

Iris helped me understand my own personal brand and that it was okay to express that brand. As a co-owner of a business, I’d been only focused on the company brand. The input from Iris helped me rekindle my passion for supporting women in non-traditional fields, which prompted me to expand my contacts to include lots of women leaders and trendsetters. I got excited about growing the business and expanding opportunities for women.

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