LinkedIn Makeover

Your LinkedIn profile is the first place hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters go when they want to learn more about you!  It has become increasingly vital in order to simply get found in the post-pandemic new reality! 


Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or a long-time user, the Linked ‘makeover’ service package will transform your profile. A LI profile today is an opportunity for a professional brand page and is vital in today’s digital job search world.  This service is perfect for you if you created your profile “a while ago” and perhaps haven’t focused much on it. Now is the time! A strong LinkedIn profile is essential in getting found during today’s modern job market. 

  • Upgrade your “About” section to full build-out your brand,

  • Professional page styling recommendations

  • Add new and editing existing work content, link to educational institutions, links to professional groups

  • Strategic guidance on selection of skill

  • Best practices for seeking recommendations​

  • Tuning public vs. private settings, generating a professional URL

  • Specific changes to improve search results,

  • Guidance on platform posts and more steps personalized to upgrade not only your profile for increasing SEO ranking results.


Optional: If you prefer that we write and implement fully for you, you may purchase a concierge add-on for an additional $250.

What Is Included

 Complete Proprietary Branding Assessment

AND send in your resume, if you have one

Upfront (55-min)  Zoom Consultation

to learn all abut

Optimized, Unique, and High-Level LinkedIn Profile     

Collaboratively drafted with you to:

Bring clarity to your professional story with targeting towards your future objective

Get noticed by your network

Bump up in search results

Implementation guide

Review & Revision Session
to perfect your LinkedIn profile (60-min Zoom session)



A profile that articulates your professional story, provokes confidence, & compels action

What Customers Say

"Iris, my career coach was outstanding. She gave me powerful advice that was positively impactful for

my resume and for use in my interviews. Landed a new role with large salary increase!"

Former Director 

American Airlines

"I appreciate that Iris made me feel like there was a silver lining in a dark moment in my life. She was also able to adapt the resources to my local area. She was very positive and did not baby me in my learning how to market myself and prepare for job searches. I also was impressed how she could understand my abilities and made sure that I did not just settle for any job just to go back to work. Iris Culp was a great help!"

Retail Manager


"My career coach was the  most effective preparation service. My coach put forth an exceptional effort to prepare me for an interview. I would not have been prepared or mentally sharp after my layoff experience had it not been for my coach’s personal effort with me."

Completions Engineer Devon Energy

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